Little Things Have The Power

In the rush of getting a million things done before 5pm clock-off time...

When we’re distracted by noise, chores and emails...


We forget all about pleasure.

We forget about ourselves.


If only time would stop so we could take our time.

We've all said it more than once. 

Ah, but there IS a way to slow things down.


Make time stand still and enjoy the little things everyday with ease.


Yep, I said with ease.

How incredible would that feel?

It’d feel crazy liberating and oh-so-blissful.

Like a beautiful breeze wafting over your skin as you float in a hammock on the beach with sunny blue skies above.


Inviting a slower pace with intentional rituals can literally transform how we live day-in day-out.


It’s all about simple pleasures, a little luxe here and there and time to yourself - even if it feels naughty. In fact, especially if it feels naughty. 


Enjoy the little things everyday with ease now.