The Magic of Time Out

It's Monday morning, the sun's shining and the air is comfortably cool. She hears birds chirping away nearby and the sound of a car or two driving past her house.

There's a beautiful quietness to the neighbourhood today. The first day of the new month. Fresh energy. New intentions.


But she's not feeling like she fits into this suburban picture of perfection.

She's feeling a rebellious frustration, a longing, a restlessness.


She could just get on with the usual day to day stuff and push these feelings away.


Or - she could...



Read something that stimulates her imagination.

Dance to her favourite tunes. Clothed or naked. Sexy or ugly. Or anywhere in between.

Indulge in a facial.

Enjoy a luxurious hot chocolate.

Be silly and laugh with her kids.

Watch #GirlBoss on Netflix.

Light several candles and close her eyes while she immerses herself in their scent.

Walk barefoot on the grass.


She doesn't have to look like anyone else. She doesn't have to relax a certain way. She doesn't have to do the 'done thing'.


She can choose to do life her way.


She can keep it simple.

She can make it extravagant.

She can mish-mash it up.

It really doesn't matter.


What matters is that she takes the time to be with herself.


To soak it all in and live it all out.

To cultivate pleasure and connection within.


Imagine if you could do the same.

Take time out to delight your senses and nourish your soul.


You absolutely can.

May you savour some magic and feel renewed.