Treat Yourself Without Compromise

In everyday life, sometimes we just want to treat ourselves and feel loved on and pampered. We're women, and for a lot of us that just calls to us on some internal level.


But something happens when it comes to actually enjoying the gorgeous experiences (and feelings) we long for.


We don't want to 'treat' ourselves at the expense of our children.

We don't want to treat ourselves at the expense of of our partners.

We don't want to treat ourselves at the expense of our budget. (Because who wants to deal with the stress afterwards?! That kind of defeats the point really.)

We don't want to treat ourselves at the expense of our sanity. Quite frankly if it's all too hard to organise, it's not happening.

And we certainly don't want to treat ourselves at the expense of our time and that already overflowing schedule that is our daily lives.


I hear you.

I put my hand up as a woman who's felt these ways at different points too.  


The thing is though, our desire for relaxation or time out doesn't go away by ignoring it.


The truth I've experienced and seen in other women is if we don't take the time to simply be, everything else becomes more of a struggle than the struggle we think we have in slowing down in the first place.


So what's a woman to do?


I believe in getting our zen on the easy way. My way of choice is through treating myself with spa quality skin care and intentionally handcrafted candles.


For the women who want that little bit of luxury - with ease - this approach really works for them.


It means not having to get ourselves to a salon for a facial every single time and immersing our selves and our skin in home care that makes all the difference in between our visits.

It means not having to bend ourselves over backwards to afford a beautiful scented candle that will waft on through to soothe and uplift us.

Hell, we can even light a candle and have it burning in the background if we're really strapped for time in that given moment.


It means less is more.


Less hassle, more joy.

Less noise, more quiet.

Less complication, more simple.

Most importantly it means - less hard, more ease.


I'm curious to know, did this resonate with you - do you find it hard to enjoy some time for yourself? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear from you. 

All love,