What Does Self Devotion Look Like?

It looks like skin rituals morning and night. 

Comforting yourself when you're in messy tears and feeling all alone. 


Going on that retreat in Bali to fill yourself up from the inside and just be you, instead of every thing to every one. 

Quiet time in the afternoon with a cuppa in your favourite chair. Maybe even reading some of that book you've been meaning to get to as well. 

Embodiment practices: being in your body and feeling all that's there fully; releasing tension through expression - both movement and sound. 


Not beating yourself up when you stuff up and instead acknowledging with responsibility and kindness


Saying no. 


Saying yes. 


Coming back to yourself after getting 'off track'. 

The list goes on. 


Because self devotion looks different for different souls. 

What's ideal for me may (likely) not be ideal for you. 


And vice-versa. 

What I need to honour my self, my soul, my life may be similar for you to do the same. 

Or not. 


The truth is what it looks like doesn't matter. 

It only matters that we're unshakeable in our devotion to ourselves so we continue to cultivate inner empowerment to live our relationships, experiences, and work from that energy and space. 

Maxine Rose