Wonder Woman

She is you, I am she, we are HER. Standing strong in our power, passionately acting for what we believe, discovering all we didn't realise we didn't know.


Raging with courage fuelled by the fiercest of loves bursting onto No-Mans Land to do what nobody else has.


Our courage may not be seen on the battlefield in a movie as an unforgettable female force. It may be in the 'ordinary' lives we live, the battles inside that we face where every ounce of our strength + devotion + courage is tested.

I have to say I know it all too well.


Wonder Woman, you brought me to tears in those powerful moments as I sat there recognising myself in you as you rose like a Phoenix from the Earth with the sheer magnitude of Shakti blatantly exuding from your eyes, heart, body + soul.


I sat there in complete awe, raw tears at the me I could see reflected back as you shielded yourself + repelled the bullets coming at you.


The me in you as you saw the innocent lives lost + terror that darkness can bring.

And it's as you learned - humanity's both dark AND light but you fight for Love despite it all.

Devoted as devoted could be, I see me in you as I continue to devote myself to me.