Candles For Your Sensory Pleasure


Create sanctuary with ease through the delicious scents of these bespoke candles as they waft through your senses and surroundings.


Breathe in all the pleasure you can handle and then breathe in some more - your body, mind and soul will thank you ten fold for receiving calm and blissful sensual rituals only candles can provide.

Imagine rushing home from work or school pick-up, setting up the kids with snacks and lighting your favourite candle to enliven your senses as it glows in the background.

Or running a warm bath with your favourite candle placed nearby, deliciously infusing your being as you soak in relaxed  and rejuvenated ecstasy.


It's all about self-devotion. 


Handcrafted in a boutique studio on the Gold Coast, Queensland, the Lemon Canary (LC) range of intentional, high quality candles are all about love and connection. They feature soy wax, cotton wicks and are made slowly with attention to detail. Some feature essential or fragrant oils, botanicals or crystals and infused with specific intentions or blessings. Being a huge fan of LC I highly recommend any of their heartfelt creations shared here. 


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Chakra Candles - Votives + Moroccan Glass

(OR Tealights not shown)


Votive Candles

With a burn time of 80+hrs you're in for stylishly simple pleasure and peace in your own sanctuary for days. 

Available in 13 pure scent blends and 8 organic scent blends.

Vintage Candles

These Vintage Jar style candles are imperfectly perfect with warmth and beauty.  Some of the clips are worn and the glass varies from jar to jar with some first produced in 1913.

A wonderfully unique piece along with your choice of pure or organic scent blend to invoke a charming sensual journey. 

Available in 5 sizes from 200g to 1ltr. 

Travel Tin Candles

Perfect for bomboniere, a little something as a gift, travel or any small spaces.  

Available in 13 pure scent blends and 8 organic scent blends. 


Desiring more?

Click for the full range of LC creations, including: tea, chocolate, bath + body and dream catchers just to name a few. Get ready to fall madly in love!