Maxine Louise
Empowering women in their self-devotion through the ritualistic use of skin care, scent and sound.




Let the scent enter your mind, body and spirit. Whispering into the depths of your being.

Grounding you to be here now. Uplifting your spirits. Soothing the jagged edges of your fears.

So you can radiate your essence more of the time.


Bespoke Candles

Distinctive and personal candle designs featuring wellbeing-loving soy wax and cotton wicks; fragrant and essential oils, botanicals and crystals. Infused with specific intentions or blessings. Handmade slowly with the utmost attention to detail. 

Welcome to candle-lover HEAVEN.


Intentional Candle Bowls

The ultimate in bespoke.

Candle Inspired 001 gold.jpg

Inspired Collection

A heartfelt pick-me-up in rose gold, pink or white.

Candle Chakra 5 003.jpg

Chakra Creations

Strengthen your energy.

Candle Bride 001 - Copy.jpg

Wedding & Bridal

To make magical memories.

Candle Vintage 300g Meditate.png

Vintage Jar Style

Collector's item charm in varying sizes.

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Explore more candle styles including: travel tins, cafe glass, melts, classic votives and tealights here.  In many cases they can be customised with your chosen scent to suit your personal taste or gift occasion. 



Ayurvedic Candles


Uplift, soothe or reinvigorate with these 100% essential oil blends of soy wax I personally swear by (my favourite's the Energy blend). Reuse the packaging anyway you choose...because you can't go past the meaningful, artistic design. 2.5oz (70.8g) or 7oz (198.4g). 

LOVE TRIDOSHIC BLEND: geranium revitalises, bergamot cleanses energy, jatamansi harmonises. 

ENERGY KAPHA BLEND: ginger activates. cinnamon warms. lemon purifies.

PEACE PITTA BLEND: fennel uplifts. coriander deepens and relaxes, peppermint cools your mind.

LOVE so deeply.   ENERGY moves.   PEACE is power.


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