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"Through the Devotional Sensory Journeys, Maxine empowers women to access much-needed self-care with effortless ease. It’s the ultimate life-hack - no need to leave home, or spend money!

Devotional Sensory Journeys mean pleasure is accessible and prescribed. As a Practitioner who sees the epidemic of unfulfilled women seeking joy externally, I love that Maxine has created this option for women to go within, in their own private sanctuary, and in their own time."

Sarah Cox, Ignite Kinesiology

"Maxine is an expert on all things skincare. Since using the products she recommends, my skin is glowing, gorgeous and fresh everyday. I rarely wear make up because I don't need to. On top of that, I know my skin is being taken care of with only the highest grade ingredients available.

If your skin is looking sad, get onto a skin consult call with Maxine. Your skin will thank you for it."

Elizabeth McKenzie

"Maxine, I have to tell you how much I am absolutely adoring your Sanctuary Playlist. It is the perfect accompaniment to my work day."

Cathy Kirwan