Maxine Louise
Empowering women in their self-devotion through the ritualistic use of skin care, scent and sound.

Meet Maxine

Days peppered with pleasure. 

Time completely stops. 

Feeling connected and alive. 


Because a woman who lives the pleasurable life moves through every day with ease and inner peace even the Dalai Lama would feel envious of.


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Hello there, I’m Maxine.


I live near Brisbane, Australia with my fiancee and our dog. When the going gets tough I look everything straight in the eye and face it with a big, courageous heart while dancing to 80's music. (Well...sometimes sans music.)


I’m a Skin Therapist and Ritualist and former magnet for nervous system overload. Cue years of personal development that only saw me continuing to feel frustrated - this time from too much 'personal development' where I kept searching outside myself until it hurt, then I searched some more.

If you’re tired of all the self-help books, courses and workshops and you’re looking to get off the stress merry-go-round like I was, I’m here for you. Through experiencing the pleasure of skin care and candles, I’ll catapult your take on self-devotion so you make the most of your own precious time in ways that actually work.


I'm your Self Devotion Guide. 


Empowering you to reinvigorate your spirit totally lights my fire.

My heart skips a beat when I hear how in love you feel about making you urgent. 

I can’t stand striving, smashing goals, hustling (cringe) or anything push-through and soldier-on-like.


No rules or perfection here. Only powerful permission and incredible compassion lifting you out of leaving yourself til last.


When I’m not empowering women with self devotion, I’m enjoying my own sanctuary - think facials, warm baths with glowing candles, walks in nature and reading books while sipping my favourite Chai tea and dark mint chocolate. You’ll also find me laughing loudly at comedy with my man (often startling our dog mid-snooze), enjoying Danielle LaPorte’s creations and chatting with my nephew and nieces on the phone because living interstate from the munchkins calls for several phone chats every week!


Here’s 3 things only my nearest and dearest know about me:


1. When asked whether I feel being deaf or blind would be worse, I always choose deafness. This flies in the face of how visual a person I am (see No. 2 below), but I couldn’t. live. without. hearing. music. (Here's my favourite tunes for creating sanctuary anytime.)


2. I’m totally obsessed with taking pictures of sunsets. I started in my teens back when I lived in my family home on 5 acres and haven’t stopped since. 


3. I had an almost 15-year career in Property Administration/Management before doing an about turn into Women's Retail for 4.5 years while running my business ‘on the side’. My passion for people and business mixed with my adaptable, tech-savvy nature saw me become invaluable with top bosses, workmates and clients. Cue putting too much pressure on myself to be perfect and several episodes of burnout/breakdown.  You see, self-devotion's been my big lesson in life.


I’m all about you being kinder to yourself.

I adore skin care rituals and intentional candles

I love sharing ways to make self-devotion an actual doable thing in everyday life instead of the unattainable dream.

When you immerse yourself in sanctuary, you bring the calm spirit inside you out to play in every relationship and experience you’re part of, making for a more meaningful and rich everyday life. 

Ready to choose you?