Maxine Louise
Empowering women in their self-devotion through the ritualistic use of skin care, scent and sound.

About Maxine


I see you big-hearted, on-the-go woman.

You've lived through, or realised, a transformative something.

Something that opened your eyes, heart and soul to a fiery desire for a deeper, truer, simpler life.

You actually want to live your desires rather than just talk about them.


Because playing catch-ups with your sanity and ignoring your innermost longings just won't cut it anymore.

The one thing I know will is self-devotion

So you can be who you truly are and live how you really want. 


I understand you because I've lived it.



My own challenges with trauma, chronic nervous system stress and depression has amplified my passion for skin, wellness and spiritual practices ten-fold. Being so intimate with these (sometimes intense) emotional landscapes means I know first-hand what works when it comes to feeling and living well in everyday life. 


Working in property management, skin therapy and personal styling connected me with women of all kinds and highlighted how ignoring the messages from our hearts and bodies showed up as tiredness in our faces, drab energy and a lack-lustre spirit. 


Yet it wasn't until early 2017 when I found myself in the stormy seas of another breakdown that I chose to take notice of the voice inside begging me to slow the hell down.


I was like a magnet that attracted overload every few years until I came to an abrupt stop.

But this time was different.

This time I found out PMDD was at play and I was over all the stress being the groundhog day story of my life.


My life had to change. 

I had to change. 


So with personal and professional medical and energetic support plus my brave heart, I uncovered and faced all the stuff that had been keeping me stuck. You name it, I felt it - everything was up for review.

Mostly, it was messy and scary - rebirth usually is. 


Self-devotion's been (and continues to be) my big lesson in life. 


Through the mess, I experienced the power of creating sanctuary within myself and dipping into pleasure on a day-to-day basis.

Sometimes sipping a cup of chai tea while I watched the sun set was all the joy I needed. Focusing on these few moments right here during my morning and evening skin rituals brought me immense peace. Sharing a laugh with my nearest and dearest absolutely warmed my heart. 



I believe how we treat ourselves flows on to how we live our life. 

I believe our home is our haven - a sanctuary for peace, vitality and joy that warms our heart and helps to carry us through challenging chapters. 

I believe our experience of life depends on what we soak in and savour. 

So go ahead - soak it all in and live it all out now - I'm walking right beside you. 



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