Choosing skin care can be easy. 

Glowing, healthy skin can be yours. 

Let the confusion of the beauty aisle full of 'natural' products and 'miracle' ingredients go.  

Your heart knows searching there isn't the answer. 


Your longing for skin care and skin health to be simple and nourishing isn't an empty fantasy. 

With me by your side and Organic Spa on your skin, it'll be real.

Seductive airbrushed ads and promises of eternal youth have charmed and misguided you.

Some products said they were: all natural, toxin-free, organic, of the earth, when they really weren't.

And you've been left feeling disappointed, annoyed and more confused than before.

Let it all go - the illusions are a thing of the past.


I will empower you to tell the difference between the genuine and the fake - ingredients and philosophies.

I want you standing in your powertrusting your intuitive heart and calling on transparent education when you make your skin care choices. 


As a Holistic Skin Therapist, I'm here to serve you.


organicspa skin care is an Australian-made range offering spa quality and real results. It's your luxe, certified organic range with active* ingredients that work. Being a true pioneer in the holistic skin care space, it encompasses two core beliefs: truth within labelling and luxury through nature meaning all the ingredients are on the labels and there's a luxurious product in your hands.

*(Glowing Tip: an active ingredient isn't outside going for a run or the keen one at the front of every yoga class! It's 'active' because it's working to benefit your skin. You'll find upwards of 80% active ingredients in professional skin care compared with 10% or less in over the counter or shelf ranges.)



Pure and professional skin care is the way to go for true skin nourishment. 


Skin care isn't your complete answer.




Hello, it's wonderful to meet you. I’m Maxine, your Skin Therapist & Ritualist.

I've tried searching outside myself for fixes, distractions and answers to the nervous system overload, trauma and stress merry-go-round I was so familiar with. But what I got was even more lost and overwhelmed (and truth-be-told - stuck) in a self-help addiction-perfectionism-power-giving-cycle that only created more myths about who I truly was, and am.

Skin therapy was an absolute godsend for me when it came to true peace (emphasis on therapy.) I literally felt like I was in my own sanctuary during my morning and evening skin rituals and home facials.

I’m not “healed” of all my draining habits or patterns, I’m still learning, evolving and letting go just like you. The difference is now I know deep in my bones I have alchemical rituals to anchor and rejuvenate me. Which is why I'm here sharing these devotional practices for everyday life with women like you.

Now it's your turn to glow and create sanctuary with ease.



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