Maxine Louise
Maxine Louise
Devotional Sensory Journeys for pleasure + peace through skin care, scent + sound. Organic/vegan skin care, bespoke + intentional products personally curated for your home sanctuary.

Tune In

The Sanctuary Playlist easily transports you into relax mode with its mix of chilled grooves, lighthearted bliss and sacred depths so time to yourself stops being an unattainable dream. 

Hop off the stress merry-go-round and access the Sanctuary Playlist to tune into pleasure and peace instantly.


Guided Chakra Cleanse

by Belinda Davidson


This guided meditation has balanced and grounded me more times than I can count. Brilliant for empowering me to feel more energised and clears any busy mind chatter I may have going on. Belinda's voice is incredibly soothing so don't be alarmed if you drift off to sleep!


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