Devotional Sensory Journeys (eBook)

Devotional Sensory Journeys (eBook)

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Glow from your soul to your skin the easy-breezy way. 

Stop playing catch-ups with your sanity.

Break the cycle and enjoy life - for real. 

With Devotional Sensory Journeys, it's possible.

You choose what (there are 9 rituals to serve you), you choose when (no schedule to follow) and you choose how (flexible timeframes are built into every experience).

Inside the eBook, you'll find:

  • A short introduction to what Devotional Sensory Journeys are.

  • 9 Individual No-Rules Journeys under 4 Key Areas: skin, body, spirit, space.

  • 6 supportive and uplifting Music Playlists accessible via Spotify to enhance your experience.

  • 9 easy-to-understand & access Product Recommendations for each Journey.

Get glowing now.