Throughout life we all need empowerment and support to expand our wellbeing or help carry us through challenges. The tools below are a personal selection of the ones I use and enjoy in my life every single day and I hope by sharing them here, they create experiences you'll appreciate too. 

Please note I'm an Affiliate Partner for some products below, so should you choose to purchase, I may earn a portion of the amount paid. 



The Sanctuary Playlist easily transports you into relax mode with its mix of chilled grooves, lighthearted bliss and sacred depths so time to yourself stops being an unattainable dream. Hop off the stress merry-go-round and access the Sanctuary Playlist here to tune into pleasure and peace instantly.

Chakra Cleanse by Belinda Davidson

Our 'energy' is the foundation of our life. Physical, emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing is built on this foundation so if we're experiencing struggles, issues or dissatisfaction in any area, we can turn within through this Chakra Cleanse and empower our chakras to function at their optimal level. Personally, this guided audio has balanced, grounded and uplifted me more times than I can count. Purchase yours here. 

Howl Album by Sonescence

Sacred. Sensual. Shakti. Celebrating every aspect of the Divine Feminine, these lush meditones tracks have personally fuelled a powerful emotional and spiritual connection within me, as well as given me gorgeous music to move to. It's by far some of my favourite music ever. Immerse in a copy here. 

Intentional Candle Bowls by Lemon Canary

Candle lovers you've seen nothing like this before, I'm sure. Enjoy this 400g (120+hrs burn time) soy candle in a handmade clay bowl (with or without gold edging) blended with your choice of scent, crystals, botanicals and energetic intention. This is a fully customised, highly personal, handcrafted creation that I feel is the very definition of bespoke. Having one of these in my home brings me so much joy and it literally brought me to tears when I unwrapped it. Make an Intentional Candle Bowl part of your life here too. 

The Desire Map 2018 Planner by Danielle LaPorte

Putting how we want to feel at the centre of our lives is one of the most empowering perspectives for living connected to our heart and soul. But it's not enough to simply think about it here and there - it's got to be translated from desire into living reality. And that's what The Desire Map Planner helps you with - it empowers you to live your desires, not just wish for them, with its subtle and powerful prompts that remind you every day you open it. I know that's the difference it's made for me over the past 2 years I've used it. Learn more and purchase here.