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maxine louise
Devotional Sensory Journeys for pleasure + peace through skin care, scent + sound. Organic/vegan skin care, bespoke + intentional products personally curated for your home sanctuary.

Time slows down.

Your heartbeat does too.

Your breath expands your belly as you stop living on the surface and go deeper to explore and unfurl. 

How precious your experience of your life is.

Soothe your heart and soul. Bring pleasure and peace into your everyday.  

Soak it all in and live it all out.  

The magic starts here with your custom blend of intentional products and presence.



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Chill out, unwind and enjoy relax mode in minutes with these tunes. At home, work or play, they're your sounds of sanctuary for an uplifted you. 

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Hello, I'm Maxine

Devoting to my inner peace + power has taken some learning. Now I offer you the products + rituals that still empower my wellbeing + spirituality every day. 


Break the cycle of overwhelm, over-doing and over-it. Experience true peace and ease instead with these flexible rituals.