Welcome to...


Welcome to...


...the Sanctuary of You

Where time slows down and actually stops.

Because you can never get it back once it’s gone.


Don’t wait to realise how precious your time is.


Bring pleasure and peace into your days as the Sovereign Woman your soul knows you to be.

Make you urgent.

Not just for once but for always.

Because devotional skin care and candle rituals are forever.


Stop living on the surface and go deeper, wider, longer, bigger.

Be here now to feel the joy of quiet simplicity

and the bliss of liberating expanse.

Soak it all in and live it all out. 


The Sanctuary of You starts here. 

Choose self-devotion now.



Organic Spa Skin Care

Effective and natural beauty. The ultimate sophistication in organic skin care. 

Kind Words


"Maxine is the Queen of Self Devotion! I purchased one of her skin care packages and I swear, I hardly have to wear makeup, my skin is THAT good thanks to Maxine's recommendation. Not only will Maxine match your skin to the best skin care, she'll give you sweet tips and tricks on how to bring that time out feeling into your every day." 

Elizabeth McKenzie


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Julie Parker's latest Soulful Spirit Seeker Tools post. 


Cafe Candles

As warm as spicy chai, sweet like chocolate or a hit of coffee... You decide. 

Inspired Collective

For friendship and encouragement in a candle.  

Enjoyed the preview?

Now it's time to put your feet up for the whole show. The one where you're the star, enjoying pleasure and peace with ease as the sovereign woman empowered by her daily devotion to her self. 

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